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Product Name: Di-n-butyl phosphite
Molecular formula :(C4H9O)2POH 
Molecular weight :194.0(press 1987International Atomic Weight Scale)
< B> Product Nature:
Colorless or light yellow oily liquid with a density of 0.998, Boiling point95°C, refractive indexN251.4228, flash point< /FONT>120°C, soluble in organic solvents, insoluble in water.  
Quality Standard: 



Test Method


Colorless or light buttery liquid 

Visual Inspection 

Phosphorus content P% 



acid value mgKOH/g≤ 



copper corrosion (121 ° C, 3 h) grade



Main use: 
    This product is the preferred lubricant phosphorus system extreme pressure resistance Grinding agent, high extreme pressure anti-wear index, good compatibility, can be used to prepare various grades of vehicle gear oil and industrial gear oil, cutting oil and other oils. The reference addition amount is 0.3 %-1%, compounded with other additives to prepare oil composite additives. It can also be used as an oil-based flame retardant, pharmaceutical, and perfume synthesis, and is an important organic chemical raw material.  
Package storage:
20kg/200kg plastic barrel packaging. The product is non-flammable, non-explosive, non-dangerous, easy to absorb water and deteriorate, should be waterproof and sealed, and stored in a cool dry place. This product is stored in the storage, handling, and oil adjustment according to SH/T0164.

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