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Extreme pressure anti-wear agent T-399

This product is an extreme pressure anti-wear agent that can reduce engine wear and increase engine power, so Also known as engine curing agent or strong repair agent, it can extend the service life of oil, save fuel and improve power. This additive is called an anti-wear additive. When the metal surface is subjected to a high load, a large amount of metal surface is in direct contact, generating a large amount of heat, and the film formed by the anti-wear agent is also destroyed, no longer acts to protect the metal surface, if an additive can be used with the metal surface The chemical reaction produces a chemical reaction film that acts as a lubricant to prevent metal surface scratches and even fusion welding. This most demanding boundary lubrication is often referred to as extreme pressure lubrication, and this additive is called an extreme pressure additive.
Product Application:
Heavy load gearbox, hydraulic system, internal combustion engine, etc., such as ships, Mining machinery, trains, industrial gearboxes, cutting and forging processing, bearing lubrication, etc.

Reference plus dose

This product is added as an extreme pressure anti-wear agent2.0%-4.0%.
This product is used as a high temperature resistant flame retardant(release agent) when the amount is 5.0%- 10.0%.

Remarks: This product is a high temperature resistant additive (high temperature resistant 400-600 degree), with excellent flame retardant effect

Quality Standard:


Colorless or light yellow liquid

Phosphate content% 


acid value mgKOH/g≤ 


relative density






Product Storage and Transportation

When storing, transporting, loading and unloading and using the product, refer to the SH/T0164 standard and the safety data sheet for the product. This product is non-flammable, non-explosive, and non-corrosive. The maximum storage temperature should not exceed 75°C; if stored for a long time, the maximum temperature should not exceed 45°C . Please refer to the safety data sheet of the product for product safety, user health and environmental precautions.

Product Packaging

Product net weight:200Kg/Barrel,200 liter standard iron barrel.

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