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Antioxidant 616
CAS No:68610-51-5

Product Quality Standard:




Light brown flakes

Free flowing, off-white powder

early melting point, °C



volatiles, wt%



ash, wt%



Properties: Appearance is light yellow tablet or milky white powder with good fluidity; molecular weight is 600∼700, average molecular weight is 650; bulk density is 300Kg/m3∼350Kg/m3, specific gravity is 1.10, flash point is 416 °C; average particle size is 10 μm. This product is soluble in aromatic compounds, ketones, alcohols, and insoluble in water and aliphatic compounds.

Characteristics and Advantages: It is a highly reactive, low volatility, multi-purpose, non-polluting polymeric hindered phenolic antioxidant. It is an excellent antioxidant for natural and synthetic rubber polymers and butadiene compounds. It also has excellent anti-oxidation effect in latex and has excellent dispersibility or compatibility. Under the multiple washing and cooking of rubber, elastic thread, carpet primer, foam and other materials, it exhibits low mobility or extraction.

Uses: 1. Mainly used to protect light-colored, non-polluting compounds, such as: natural rubber, sealant, ABS, BR, IR, NBR, NR, SBR, SBS, SIS and other derivatives. 2. Can be applied in the processing of polymers, such as: elastic threads, carpet backing, foam rubber mat materials, sole materials, household and surgical rubber gloves, medical products, baby pacifiers, rubber additives, thermos, bathroom mats, Auto parts, paper coatings, etc., to enhance stability. 3. This product is capable of protecting natural and synthetic polymers based on isoprene and butadiene chemistry. 4. Can be used as a highly efficient polyphenol additive.

Toxicity: This product is less toxic. According to the US Drug and Food Administration Legislation 175105 (additive) and 1772600 (rubber clause), this product can be in contact with food. For additional information on operation and toxicology, please refer to the MSDS of this product.

Storage and transportation: This product should pay attention to moisture and heat. It should not be exposed to sunlight or stored at high temperature during storage and transportation. It should be placed in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

Packing: Antioxidant KY-616 is packed in 25kg paper-plastic composite bag or 500kg/1000kg large package. Avoid sun, moisture and heat during storage and transportation. It can also be packaged according to the user's requirements.

Reference dosage: Generally recommended dosage is 0.05%-1%.

Validity: From the date of production, under the specified storage conditions, the shelf life is 36 months.

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